2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash

polish president plane crash investigation

Polish president plane crash investigation


Both the Russian and Polish official investigations found no technical faults with the aircraft, and concluded that the crew failed to conduct the approach in a safe manner in the given weather conditions. The Polish authorities found serious deficiencies in the organization and training of the Air Force unit involved, which was subsequently disbanded. President of Poland ordered a change in destination right before departure and again while airborne. The captain and first officer had been the first officer and navigator, respectively, on that flight. Lacking charts or a flight plan for the new destination, the captain of that flight had decided he could not bring the aircraft to the new destination safely. Disobeying the President and a high-ranking Polish Air Force commander on board, the captain flew on to the originally planned destination. Poland asked for "Leaderman" services and the latest airport data for Smolensk. At the end of March, after apparently receiving no reply to their first request, Poland tendered a second request for permission to fly, but did not request "Leaderman" services. Air Force Command said: "The Russian side has not confirmed readiness to secure the flight leader".Therefore, upon being handed off (transferred) to Smolensk ATC, the captain took over communication duties from the navigator. FMS panel commanding standard barometric pressure be set on the captain's main electronic altimeter. To compensate for this, they increased their vertical speed to 8 metres per second (26 ft/s), twice the prescribed rate for a normal approach. The crew continued the descent. According to MAK's report, at 100 metres (330 ft) (Decision Height) there was no "landing" or "go-around" call by the captain. PiS is a right-wing populist party and can not be taken seriously, and like all other nationalists are full of BS and against people who have different opinion. Poland’s re-opened investigation – despite the lack of physical key evidence of the plane wreckage – has used copies of the black box recordings (provided by the Russians) to come to totally different conclusions from the Russian report.