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peak6 investments lp salary

Peak6 investments lp salary


A very successful and adaptable firm that's made it through thick and thin in the markets and grown quite a bit. Some extremely talented people. Technologists and analysts are respected and regarded as partners. Office space is awesome. Free food, great parties & events. Put this along with micromanagement at both the management and leadership levels and it can be very frustrating to get things done. There is a lack of respect for employees, and the general message is that anyone/everyone is replaceable. I think it can be boiled down to this: PEAK6 does not care about their employees, despite making a big deal over how much they do. Read back to reviews from early 2016 - you'll see a bunch of glowingly ones in the middle of tons of negative. GD image. This is representative of everything that is wrong with PEAK6 - until upper management starts listening and taking real, meaningful action, nothing will change. Very few managers at PEAK6 are good listeners, and it leaves your employees feeling undervalued. Peak6 is the absolute worst job decision a new graduate can make coming out of collage. They don't offer anything close to a career path, and in most cases they simply throw their new hires into high stress roles with little training and low pay, asking them to work extremely long hours with no real work/life balance. HR regulations we don't even provide references to those that participate in the internship program and don't get hired. Your C-level leadership team is a joke amongst your employees. Mandate that they build relationships across teams instead of fighting with everyone and blaming everyone else for their own shortcomings. Start by looking at the C-level people you have that are known for being abrasive, having bad cross functional relationships with multiple departments and multiple lines of business, and have shown no true people leadership skills beyond executing job tasks. Engineer salary is $108,954. Software Engineer salaries at PEAK6 Investments can range from $76,061-$152,122. This estimate is based upon 20 PEAK6 Investments Software Engineer salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.