Investment Company Registration and Regulation Package

minimum capital requirement for investment company

Minimum capital requirement for investment company


States may, however, require investment companies to file notices with them and pay filing or registration fees. Information about state securities laws is available from state securities regulators. Investment Company Act of 1940 is the legislation that was passed by Congress to protect the investing public's interests in investment companies. This is the documentation given to every customer to whom the company's securities are recommended or offered. This document is not given to every client, but it must be made available for inspection by the public and can be obtained from the sponsor upon the investor's request. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to pass through the taxes on capital gains, dividends or interest earned through investments to individual investors. Act reporting companies are also required to comply with the SEC’s proxy rules for annual meetings. Act.  That holding company could do a public offering of securities (using a state level qualification) and could invest the proceeds in the subsidiaries. BKPM officials always suggest that if your industry is manufacturing or other capital intensive business field, your investment plan should be higher. BKPM is following the rule that investment plan must be minimum 10 billion IDR, 25% of it as paid up capital. In reality it means you need a letter from notary saying that those funds will be transferred once your company is registered and you are able to open a local bank account. Ghana’s banking system or its equivalent in the form of goods, plant and machinery, vehicles or other tangible assets imported specially and exclusively to establish the enterprise. The imported items must be covered by a Destination Inspection Report issued by an accredited inspection company, stating the value and condition of the goods. Consideration for goodwill of a business or services rendered by partners cannot be used to satisfy the minimum foreign equity capital. Chinese cities have their own, much higher, minimum threshold.